Step 3. a) Calls workflow
  • 10 Mar 2023
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Step 3. a) Calls workflow

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If you want receive IN calls, please click "Available":



You can choose the phoneline you wish to be seen when you are making a call. It proves to be very useful when you are making calls to multiple states or cities.
In order to do that, you simply need to click on the settings icon inside the softphone and select a phoneline of your choice.


Few different ways you can initiate making a call:
1.1. Manually inputing a phone number:

You can either click the digits on the keypad, or input the number using your keyboard.
Multi Caller ID

1.2. Click to Call:
You can click on a phone number to instantly initiate a call.


These are the possible actions you can do while in a call:

2.1. Hold:
You can put the caller on hold by simply clicking on (| |) icon.
While the other end of the phonecall is on hold, you can call someone else during that time. You can choose to call other agents, or dial an external number.
Initiate the call by clicking the green call button.


To come back to the client, click Hold button again.

2.2. Transfer:

To transfer a call, click on the Transfer icon within your softphone. You can transfer it on to another agent within your team, or you can transfer the call to an external contact.

Transferring to Agent: type or select an agent by their name.

Transferring to Number: type a phone number or select a contact from your Team.

Once you have your contact ready, click on the blue Transfer icon and the transfer will initiate.

Ringing... - Connection was made

Transfer success - Transfer was successful

Transfer fail - Transfer was unsuccessful

Once you see Transfer success, you can say to your colleague the question client is calling about and ask if you can transfer the call. If your colleague agrees, click on "pulsing" red hang up button to end the call and the phonecall will continue to take place without your presence.

If Transfer is unsuccessful, you can call to another agent / external number, or come back to client by pressing Transfer button again.

2.3. Keypad:

Should you need to input a digit using the keypad, you can simply do that by clicking on the third icon representing the Keypad. Click once more to close it.


3.1. Call-End Labels:

You can label the call you just had by simply selecting one or multiple labels from the window that you see once the call ends. Call-End Labels are determined by the sistem administrator (i.e. Teamleader).

You can check as many Tags as you need.

3.2. Callbacks:
To be reminded to call the contact later, you can set up a reminder (or the way we call it - Callback) and be sure that you will not forget it.


Multi callbacks